Maximuscle is set to undergo a namechange and range refresh to help consumers better understand the importance of protein when it comes to fitness training.

From January 2014, traditional Maximuscle products will become part of the new Maxinutrition range and be divided into four ranges: Recover and Rebuild; Mass and Size; Strength and Power; and Lean Definition.  It is hoped the re-categorisation of the product ranges will help consumers understand which product is right for them by both their goal and training status.

Maxinutrition’s marketing director Craig Read said: “The shift from Maximuscle to Maxinutrition will allow us to leverage our expertise around protein based nutrition to benefit a broader consumer base. The simplified Maxinutrition ranges will make choosing the appropriate product easier.  There will also be clear guidance to help people achieve their goals in a healthy and effective way.  The new range will make it easier for consumers who exercise regularly to understand the benefits of protein and help them to choose the right product for them.”