Kraft Heinz is adding Strawberry & Banana Biscotti to its infant biscotti range.

Available now, Heinz Strawberry & Banana Biscotti will join a range of six existing flavours; Apple, Banana, Chocolate, Mango & Apricot, Golden Multigrain and Organic.

The brand says consumer taste tests found that 77% of consumers found strawberry and banana an appealing flavour for babies aged 7 months+.

Currently worth £14.6 million (Nielsen MAT 21.05.2016), the infant biscuits category is the number one sub-sector within infant finger food, and is in growth by 17.4% year-on-year. Heinz Biscotti is the number one infant biscuit range with over 1 in 5 babies consuming Heinz snacks (Nielsen MAT: 21.05.2016).

Rebecca Smith, Heinz Infant marketing, said: “With strong growth in the infant snacking category, Kraft Heinz is extending its range of Heinz Biscotti to meet the needs of busy mums. Not only does the incredible fruity flavour combination provide mums with a taste that appeals to babies and toddlers, Heinz Strawberry & Banana Biscotti is projected to boost the category for retailers too.”

The launch of Heinz Strawberry & Banana will be supported with a range of online marketing.