Jack Link’s is improving the recipe of its Beef Jerky range, with the aim to create a juicer and more tender eating experience.

Jack Links Jerky 25g Hot

The updated products will be available from May and will be supported by the brand’s £1.3m investment in marketing activities in the second half of 2019.

The improved beef jerky recipe joins the brand’s Biltong line-up which launched in 2018. The new Jack Link’s Beef Jerky will be sold in two formats: 25g packs (£1.50) and 75g packs (£3.00)

Kenneth Ruigrok, marketing manager for Jack Link’s, commented: “The new recipe has been created following rigorous consumer taste tests, responding to consumers’ demands for a great Beef Jerky experience. We have created a Beef Jerky product which has proven to have the perfect balance of tender meat with extra bite and juiciness. Following the new recipe receiving a staggering 65% preference vs our leading competitor in a blind taste test, we are excited to launch this to market for consumers to enjoy.”