Premium tonic, mixer and soft drinks brand Franklin & Sons is launching four dual-flavoured tonic waters that make up the brand’s new Epicurean Collection.

Available now, the range (rrp £1.09 per 200ml bottle) includes Rosemary & Black Olive, Pink Grapefruit & Bergamot, Rhubarb & Hibiscus, Elderflower & Cucumber variants and can be paired with gin and other spirits.

Calli O’Brien, senior brand manager for Franklin & Sons, said: “Consumers are becoming more experimental on the back of the ever-expanding choice of gin flavours – as well as new brands – we have developed this collection, with this in mind to push boundaries and create a better experience for consumers.

“Franklin & Sons’ new Epicurean Collection opens up new flavours to pair not only with gin, but also with a breadth of other spirits, unlocking curiosity within both bartenders and consumers alike. Our new Rosemary & Black Olive tonic, for example, pairs beautifully with a sweet vermouth and brings to life the tastes of summer drinks on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.”