A new £3m marketing campaign for Emmi Caffè Latte will be full of industry ‘firsts’, according to the brand.

The ‘#MakeItAYayDay’ campaign encourages consumers to break out of their daily routines by doing something spontaneous and light-hearted, then sharing it online using the #MakeItAYayDayhashtag.This shift in the brand outlook embraces the now popularly accepted marketing maxim that happy vibes equals loyal customers and aims to drive a real-time increase in popularity, both in larger distribution points and in smaller convenience formats across the UK.

Targeting 15-30 year olds across the summer, #MakeItAYayDay will be the first of its kind to customise Spotify, allowing users to enhance or ‘Yay’ their existing playlists, complementing them with similar or faster tempo tracks.

It’s also the first iced coffee brand to utilise Snapchat, with ads that will run amongst user generated content.

The campaign will encourage consumers to share their ‘Yay Day’ moments via a broad range of targeted out of home activities such as sampling at music festivals, advertising at shopping and travel locations and a dedicated social media campaign across various channels.

Emmi UK head of marketing Laura Graham said: “The size of the iced coffee market in the UK is growing and we are emerging leaders in YOY sales growth. The #MakeItAYayDay campaign harnesses all relevant marketing media unlike any of our competitors and we are confident this investment will drive demand for an already firmly established product range.”

“We chose the London based Social First Marketing Agency, Things Unlimited, to orchestrate the ‘#MakeItAYayDay’ campaign because they have a proven track record for driving social engagement and consumer demand for other brand leaders including Haagen-Dazs.”

Emmi will also seek to consolidate the significant success it has already had by continuing to play on its hallmark selling points: the provenance of their beans (Rainforest Alliance certified), the expertness of their barista style brewing process, as well as the product’s eminently natural ingredients; coffee and freshly chilled Swiss milk, with no hint of preservatives, artificial flavourings or colourings.

The core 230ml range includes its no-added sugar Strong Macchiato, Cappuccino, Skinny and Vanilla flavours with a recommended Retail Selling Price of £1.35. Others drinks include a long life duo and larger 370ml cup, Mr Big!