Fine food distributor RH Amar today unveils a new look for Crespo, the UK’s best-selling brand of olives, in a bid to accelerate value growth in the £35 million ambient olives category (IRI Total Market, 52 w/e 26/05/18).

Incorporating a cleaner, fresher version of Crespo’s iconic diamond-shaped logo, new packs will feature strong Mediterranean cues with a sunshine-kissed olive grove. The brand’s tinned and pouches range will now feature sharp photography of the product within.

Two new 150g pouch sharing products have also joined the Crespo line-up, including Dry Black Olives and Tomato, Cumin & Parseley Green Olives (RRP: £1.99).

The brand refresh will be backed by marketing support, including sampling, social and digital recipe inspiration and competitions, as well as online and print advertising.

Despite sales of ambient olives rising in value by +2.6%, and in volume by +2.8%, there is still plenty more headroom for growth, according to Sam Higgins, senior brand manager for Crespo at RH Amar.

“Our research shows that shoppers are screaming out for more excitement from the ambient olives fixture,” said Higgins. ”In particular, they told us that they often found the fixture dull and uninspiring, largely because of the proliferation of own label products, which currently account for more than two thirds of all sales.

“As a result, we are aiming to shake up the status quo by giving Crespo – the UK’s best-selling brand of ambient olives with a 14.3% share of all sales, and a 50% share of all branded sales – a major packaging overhaul to create some much-needed vibrancy and excitement at the point of purchase where shoppers often make their decision as to which products to buy.”