As if Cadbury Screme Eggs weren’t creepy enough, this Halloween Kraft has made their fondant centres even more garish in colour, after consumers demanded greener goo. The firm is also extending the brand to sharing with 150g packs of Screme Egg Minis (rrp: £1.95). In addition, new Cadbury Crunchy Spiders (rrp: 65p), which are set to appeal to Mums, will be crawling onto shelves in time for the fiendish festivities. Dead Heads will also be back for another year, but the 80g format has been replaced with a 150g bag (rrp: £1.95), which will give the product clearer positioning as a sharing product. “The key is to be prepared early using iconic products, such as Cadbury Screme Egg, to sign-post the start of the season from mid-September,” says Amy Beresford, brand manager, Halloween at Kraft Foods.
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