British Lion eggs has launched a series of six super quick one-pot egg recipe videos to appeal to social media egg lovers and ‘foodporn’ fans.

The videos promote the ease, versatility, speed and nutritional benefits of cooking with eggs.

The recipes, created by celebrity chef Simon Rimmer, are inspired by some of the most popular current food trends and include a Scandinavian inspired breakfast, ‘The Full Scandi’, and a healthy Mexican style ‘No Bread Burrito’.

The 30-second videos have been created in a style that is shareable, using fresh and tasty ingredients to make the viewer hungry to try the dishes out for themselves and share with their friends. The videos will be promoted on social media sites Instagram and YouTube as well as on numerous top food blogs.

British Egg Industry Council Chairman Andrew Joret, said: “With more than one million views recorded on our YouTube channel, we’re expecting the new one-pot videos to be a social media smash. Egg sales are soaring and consumers are desperate for inspiration – it’s the perfect recipe.”