Bovril and Colman’s have partnered with the Dad’s Army movie, in cinemas February 5, to create limited edition Bovril packaging and an on-pack promotion.

The limited edition Bovril jars highlight the brand’s heritage as an iconic and trusted stock paste brand, which has kept Great Britain warm since 1886 and was used as part of military rations for soldiers during World War II.

The on-pack promotion will give fans the chance to win one of thousands of Dad’s Army themed prizes.

The three Dad’s Army-themed Bovril jars, available now, promote the much anticipated launch of the new film and feature nostalgic motivational war messages such as ‘dig in for victory’, ‘beef up for the home front’ and ‘Dad’s Army wants you beefy’.

Both brands are supporting the partnership through a joint competition, which is being hosted on the Colman’s website, to give away prizes including a holiday in Yorkshire, a trip for two to Bletchley Park and thousands of Dad’s Army branded shovel spoons and mugs.

Bovril assistant brand manager Jonathan Roberts said: “Bovril and Colman’s are steeped in heritage and our promotion of the Dad’s Army movie is a great opportunity to remind consumers of the role each brand played in supporting Britons during World War II. Bovril formed part of military war rations and the government refused to ration Colman’s so Brits could add flavour to war time meals.

“In addition to Bovril’s limited edition packaging, our joint competition is an exciting opportunity to generate buzz around both brands and promote the launch of the film in February.”

The Dad’s Army partnership follows hot on the heels of Bovril’s return to TV in December 2015, for the first time in 20 years, with its classic Bovril biker advert. Bovril also launched three limited edition Bovril jars in January 2015 with labels featuring its early 20th century advertisements, helping remind consumers of the part Bovril has played in ‘Keeping Britain’s chin up since 1886’.

Bovril’s core range is available in: Beef 250g (rrp £3.20), Squeezy Beef (200g rrp £3), Beef 125g (rrp £2), Chicken 125g (rrp £2), Bovril Stock Cubes (rrp £1)

Colman’s core range is available in: English Mustard 170g (rrp £1.59), English Mustard 100g (rrp £0.99) and Mild Mustard 170g (rrp £1.59).

March 2016 is the last chance for shoppers to purchase the limited edition jars Dad’s Army jars.
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