Premier will roll out a ‘sell more make more’ scheme in April, working with retailers across its estate to boost their sales by up to 20% with a tailored refit.

The ‘sell more make more’ scheme, which will predominantly focus on streamlining range and introducing food-to-go with a quality coffee offer, was piloted in Singh’s Premier store in Manor, Sheffield. The store reopened on December 3 following a refit and has since seen sales up 35% since, while profits were up 45%.

Head of Premier Martin Swadling said: “The scheme is about helping stores to increase sales through simple changes that most stores could make. It’s about helping to look at what’s right for each store. We have more regional development managers (RDM) on the road, we want to help retailers make good decisions, aiming for an average 20% sales uplift per store.”

Retailers would be expected to fund any development work, but Premier will provide the time, support and advice.

Singh’s Premier owner Mandeep Singh said: “We have a large demographic of men and women on their way to work in the morning who pick up a newspaper and cigarettes – now we have a hot food-to-go offer that is maintained every day and a Costa coffee machine that has increased that £5 morning spend to almost £10.We also have a self-service ice slushy drinks machine that is popular with children who come in and prefer to help themselves.”

Singh’s Premier also has several Premier ‘Mega Deals’ and promotions in store, aimed at giving customers good value at competitive prices, including a ‘Feed the Family’ chilled and frozen offer at £4. The offer includes key ingredients to make popular dishes Chicken Tikka Masala and Spaghetti Bolognese. As a result, chilled meat sales at Singh’s have tripled.

The store has a strong social media presence too, with over 13,000 likes on Facebook and over 5,000 twitter followers. The store refit now includes digital screens built into the windows displaying its social media feed for further engagement.