PayPoint has introduced changes to its contact centre phone system in an effort to make it easier for retailers to contact them.

The payment services provider has improved its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system which routes callers through a shorter and simpler series of options to take them to the appropriate department more quickly and efficiently.

It has also introduced call recording across all business functions so they can be referred back to in the event of a dispute and for staff training.

Retail director of PayPoint UK & Ireland Andrew Goddard said the upgrades would help deal with the many issues they get calls about. “On average, we receive around 1,200 calls into our contact centre every day,” he said. “These calls cover many different subjects, some are more complicated than others and some can be handled very easily.

“We’ve listened to the feedback we get from retailers about their experiences when contacting us and know that the previous IVR system could be a source of frustration, so we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art system that really improves the whole process.”

Goddard said more changes would be introduced over the coming months, beginning with a series of ‘self-serve’ options which will enable retailers to perform simple requests like ordering new signage, receipt rolls, ATM printer rolls, gift cards, Western Union supplies and transport wallets without having to speak to anyone.

“We are making significant investments in a series of improvements in the way we work with our retailers so that we become easier to do business with and enable them to spend more time on the important task of running their shops,” he added.