Independent retailers have already been reaping the benefits of investing in the Halloween occasion this year.

Mos Patel, of Family Shopper in Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester said sales were already up 40% year on year. He added: “Our deals, BOGOF on share bags of sweets and £1 pricemarked packs of grab bags have been really popular. We are also stocking new ranges of Halloween cakes, sweet buckets, masks, costumes and make-up.

“We have spent more than £100 on in-store decoration to make it a big event, with animatronic witches at the front of the store that move and greet customers. We have spiders crawling on the ceiling and bats hanging down, too. Some kids have seen it on Facebook and come in just to have selfies with the witches.”

Mos is throwing a Halloween street party, with free food and drink and a DJ, investing £1,000 in the event.

According to latest figures from HIM Research & Consulting, 21% of consumers said that they would visit c-stores more often if they supported events such as Halloween.

The event has attracted a growing audience in the UK, with shoppers spending £460m last year, doubling in size over the past 10 years, according to HIM.

Its research found that one in two adults will buy something Halloween related this year as 39% bought themed confectionery or sweets last year, while 28% bought themed chocolate products and 18% bought pumpkins in 2015.

Lee Hardacre, store manager at Spar Liverpool Road in Preston, said: “Halloween is one of the most underrated events of the year. We have seen sales from the occasion go up year on year, with pumpkin sales doubling last year. We are preparing for another busy year and have increased the amount of pumpkins we stock by 75%, up to nearly 400.”