Leicestershire Police are appealing for help locating £100,000-worth of stolen confectionery after two trailers were taken from a Hancocks depot in Loughborough.

A gang broke into the compound overnight between 22 and 23 May and stole two trailers, unloading the contents of one trailer on to a separate vehicle before driving it away.

Despite enquiries by police, the two trailers are still outstanding, one of which has ‘Kingsway Confectionery’ motif on the side and the other is white with a blue edge stripe, as well as the confectionery.

PC Michael Hinton, the investigating officer, said: “We know as the CCTV shows seven people were involved in this crime and not only did they steal a substantial value of property they caused significant damage to the vehicles in doing so, adding to the inconvenience and cost to the business.

“Do you know the current whereabouts of these trailers? Did you see them being driven out of Loughborough on the night they were taken? Have you been approached by someone selling Kingsway confectionery in suspicious circumstances?

“We need to catch the people responsible and would urge the public with whatever information they may have, even the smallest details, to get in touch with us.”