Global online sales of FMCG products are growing four times faster than offline sales, with the UK leading the European pack, according to a new Nielsen report.

The Nielsen Future Opportunities in FMCG E-commerce Report, which examines the current growth drivers of FMCG e-commerce in 34 markets, estimates global sales growth of 18.4% annually.

In European markets, more than a quarter of consumers (26%) are already using e-commerce platforms for home delivery of products. The UK is leading the total share of FMCG online sales (6.3% of total FMCG sales), closely followed by France (6.1%).

Mathias Bernhardt, global business partner, retailer services, Nielsen said: “There are significant social indicators in European markets, that are conducive for FMCG e-commerce. Further adoption and acceleration of online FMCG is supported by ageing, increasingly busy lifestyles, urbanisation and big companies starting to heavily invest in e-commerce recently.

“Better e-commerce services that enable consumers to save time will continue to make the need for omni-channel offerings more critical for FMCG retailers across Europe.”