New Simply Fresh ceo Tim Chalk believes the brand has the right model to realise the industry’s “massive potential” to offer a better convenience store experience to UK neighbourhoods.

In an interview with C-Store, Chalk said Simply Fresh’s vision was a major draw in taking on the role, and that his experience as chief executive of 7-Eleven Hong Kong & Macau would become “increasingly relevant” to his new role.

“I love what the brand is trying to do within the convenience store space. The natural look and feel of the whole store is backed up by a great range of healthy and alternative products whilst still also meeting the needs of everyday shoppers. The energy and enthusiasm of the team was also a major draw,” he said.

“There is massive potential to offer a better convenience store experience to local neighbourhoods and we believe we have the right model to do that.”

Discussing how he would draw on his learnings with 7-Eleven, he added: “Hong Kong is a very dynamic market with constant change and innovation, it also has some of the highest worldwide operational costs. This means you need to constantly evolve your business model to appeal to the customer, stay ahead of your competitors and at the same time ensure you’re delivering value to the shareholders.

“As the UK market evolves and faces the current challenges I believe these change management skills will become increasingly relevant here too.

“I have also been lucky to have an insight into food businesses throughout Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. There is always something to see, to learn from and to adapt and adopt to your home market wherever you live and work.”

Chalk added: “We are open to like-minded retailers who want to join us and improve their sales and margins by understanding and exceeding the needs of their customers. If we can do that well we will achieve our goals.”