By now, every retailer will probably know that tobacco gantries are under threat. As part of a wider programme of activity to combat cancer, the Department of Health is planning to formulate a tobacco control strategy and the current consultation is the first step in formulating that plan.

As well as the future of tobacco displays, the consultation also covers issues such as banning 10s packs and restrictions on vending machines, so if you have a view on these issues then please pass it on to the consultation.

But we at C-Store believe that the proposed ban on gantries is by far the most serious issue as changes will cost the trade hundreds of millions of pounds and create severe operational and security problems - with no proven impact on the fight against cancer.

Some of you may believe that the government has already made its mind up and that tobacco gantries will be outlawed. But lobbying activity on this subject is intense and ongoing, and unless retailers act quickly their voice will be drowned by a flood of paperwork from the anti-smoking lobby.

The window of opportunity is closing, so we have - in consultation with a panel of independent retailers - devised a statement that you can use to make sure that retailers’ views are considered. If you want to make your own response, the address is printed below. You can study the consultation document here. The consultation closes on September 8, 2008, so you are running out of time to make your voice heard.

We urge you strongly to make a statement to protect your business.

Tell your friends

Tell your colleagues

Tell your wholesaler or symbol group

Tell your customers

Tell everyone you know to GET INVOLVED.

Best of all, send a letter or an email to the consultation at:

Tobacco Consultation, Department of Health, Room 712 Wellington House 133-155 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8UG


Print out this statement and send it in

Show your support for this statement by emailing or sending a letter or postcard to the Convenience Store offices at Convenience Store, William Reed Business Media, Broadfield Park, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 9RT.


Request a electronic copy of the statement to forward to the consultation by emailing


Remember to sign the industry’s online petition here.