There are usually at least two sides to every story. I have had a few complaints in the past few months over Freedom Eagle Cash Cards. These are 'virtual bank account' cards that can be topped up and spent, just like money. The cards, supplied by Innzone, are distributed and invoiced via retailers' news wholesalers.

Bharat Dalal took great exception and this was complicated by a confusion over the returns method (it went to the wrong depot). In the process of unravelling this I spoke to Elliott Moore, operations director at Innzone, and he pointed out a couple of things that I'm going to pass on in the hope that future confusion may be prevented.

First, I know you are all busy and may not quite notice that the phone call from the rep does follow an agreed introduction which goes: "Hi, I'm calling from Freedom Mastercard, a supplier of Menzies/Smiths" The NFRN has approved the script.

Second, you can tick an opt-out box about shared information on your contract with Menzies/Smiths, although as Bharat pointed out, that would have been back in 2001 in his case, and he was being as obliging as possible in order not to jeopardise his news supplies application.

Innzone was happy to sort it out and Elliott Moore urged me to pass on the message for retailers to get in touch if they have a concern. He says: "Whatever the problem, we won't hand it on. We try to cover every aspect."