I am with Ken Parsons, new chief executive of the Rural Shops Alliance (RSA) who points out that many people will be outraged by Post Office Ltd's apparent decision to cut back the financial compensation package for any ex-post offices taking up alternative ways of supplying certain customer services. "The proposed severance agreements penalise any subpostmaster who, for example, acts as an agent for a parcel company. This not only hinders what could be a key to helping these shops survive, but also deprives the communities they serve of the possibility of retaining these services," says Ken.
He adds: "It seems that rather than allow PayPoint or PayZone to serve local people, the intention is to make customers travel extra distance to use their nearest post office branch instead. And this from an organisation proclaiming itself as the 'People's Post Office'."
I agree, and it rankles when I think of the number of people who rang me for PayPoint's and PayZone's telephone numbers when these closures were first announced
and subpostmasters scrabbled around to seek new routes
to survival.