It’s all in the way you define the term ‘operators’

A retailer I’m keeping anonymous wrote: “I was wondering if you are able to assist me. I was reviewing the article regarding Link paying a ‘Super Premium Fee’, and realised I am a rural store, but I have not received any payments. Could you point me in the right direction?”

Link, the interbank payment system, did indeed announce earlier this year that it would be paying operators up to £2.45 per cash withdrawal from 1 April. It would be available to about 3,500 free-to-use ATMs that are 1km or more away from the nearest free-to-use.

Mr Anon cannot be the only one to think ‘that’s me’. But in this case it isn’t. By ‘operators’, Link means the companies it does business with. So it means the likes of Cardtronics and NoteMachine will be the ones getting the extra fees. Not you.