But not Bhavin Patel. He is unfailingly polite in his dealings with Smiths News. He has been copying me in on letters he has sent from Tylers Green Stores in North Weald in Essex going back to springtime. He has ongoing issues with missing newspaper and magazine credits that he often has to chase up to seven times.

Just before I started to write this column, the latest arrived. Bhavin writes to the wholesaler: “I am writing to inform you that this morning I am missing magazine credits for 26 titles (various quantities). As it is very unlikely that these will be processed in time prior to the next invoice being generated, I am at a loss once again.

“As you are aware from my previous communication to you not only this week, but from last week as well, I am experiencing various issues with Smiths News and this is consuming a lot of my time, which I consider to be very unfair indeed.

“I have been charged, credited and re-charged for several titles, many of which were back-dated issues and therefore they should not have appeared on any of my paperwork at all.”

He points out that no one ever responds to his request for responses and feels that service has deteriorated rather than improved.

He concludes: “It has been duly noted that Smith’s News as a whole neither acknowledge or reply to formal letters of complaint from their customers.”

And he signs off with a thank you and: “I have taken the liberty of faxing over paperwork this morning highlighting all the missing credits, hence I would appreciate your immediate co-operation in this matter Sir!”

See what I mean about polite? He deserves better treatment.