Here’s a black humour rant from Andrew Whyte, Prees Post Office and Village Stores in Shropshire.

He writes: “As if plain pack was not a big enough hassle, how come there isn’t a single source of information on changes of pack name too? Every time an old brand disappears I have to gamble that ‘BRIGHT’ means light or smooth, the same for all manufacturers, and that ‘GREEN’ equals menthol.

“Even when you manage to get into a manufacturer’s website, they don’t have a readily available X = Y comparison. It’s almost like they don’t want us to buy from them. I know manufacturers hate to co-operate on anything, but the first rep that brings me in a full, across the board X = Y chart will earn my undying gratitude and additional orders. It ain’t rocket science!”

Here’s JTI’s colourful response on what the government allows: “Descriptors such as Light or Mild have been prohibited in the UK since 2003. The Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products Regulations 2015 now also bans any feature which refers to flavour, taste or smell (eg Menthol). It is within these tight regulations than tobacco manufacturers have to differentiate their products with descriptors such as Gold, Purple, Blue or Green.”

Not black and white, is it? More like sky blue pink.