And is the voucher credit system in the newsagency world foolproof?

Responding to the story regarding £150-worth of missing voucher credits (C-store, 9 August), Ron Letcher wrote from Lanner Stores, Redruth, Cornwall: “I’ve got the same problem – £150 of vouchers they said were not in the envelope.”

Out of 141 vouchers, only 78 were credited. Ron adds: “I have been doing vouchers for 30 years so I should by now know what I’m doing. I have called Smiths (both help desk and head office) and and they said they don’t make mistakes and the vouchers were not in the envelope. I am not letting this rest.”

It does sound fishy but the two retailers trade nowhere near each other.

Meanwhile, I have ‘handed over’ Ron to Linda Windsor, who will guide him through the official complaints process on behalf of the Press Distribution Forum.

But then I got post from regular correspondent Subhash Varambhia (Snutch News, Leicester). It comprised a voucher recall note, a goods delivered and credits sheet and a voucher returns envelope along with a barcoded newspaper returns label which Subhash says is ‘unique’ to each retailer.

His note started: “I do not wish to break ranks with my colleagues…but I have found the system to be fail-proof. So I have to ask, are you doing it right?”

He says when counting vouchers there may be interruptions and that the people scanning the returns are watched by CCTV. As a last resort, he wonders: “Possibly a thief?” We’d all like to know.