And it’s also a case of a missing PayPoint terminal

Hardik Patel received that PayPoint letter at his store, Svarn News and Off Licence in Stafford, about ending support for its old yellow terminals. He made the decision not to upgrade so put in his notice.

He had stopped providing the service after 16 July and emailed PP to remove the signage. When this didn’t happen he told them he wanted it removed within 21 days or he would charge them rental of £50 plus VAT per week.

He says: “In response we received a call saying that they do not remove the signage as it is not their common practice and we have to do it by ourself.”

I asked PP what its policy was and got the same answer: “We haven’t removed signage for a number of years now.”

I sent the response to Hardik only to hear that, two days later, PP had showed up and removed the signs.

Then apparently someone showed up to collect the terminal. Hardik wasn’t there but staff notified him. Now PP has told him that it hasn’t got the terminal and asked for proof that it had been collected. He is awaiting the return of the member of staff from holiday.

Meanwhile he is still being charged the monthly £12 rental.

I’m not sure what anyone would want with the old terminal. Perhaps its components might be of use?