An anonymous reader got in touch after reading about the clash of contracts that John Moverley was experiencing over his Post Office counter and PayPoint (C-Store, 1 July). Basically, PP wanted John to sign an exclusivity contract which precluded him from putting any transactions through his PO Paystation that could be done through his PayPoint terminal.

Mr Anon writes: “I have similar problems with PP. I have been in this store now for 27 years and been with PP for about 15 or 20 years. I have had the post office for 12 years and never had any issue with PP until I put Paystation on the counter with PP.”

Unlike John though, this retailer puts most of the transactions through Paystation because it is cheaper with no bank charges.

He says the PP rep didn’t like it and PP wrote to him a number of times telling him to increase his top-ups through PP or they would remove the terminal.

“We take no notice of them,” he says, “they won’t take any action as most of us don’t want PP any more.”

Six months ago his post office was modernised and he now has a combi on the counter and, as he puts it, “again PP jumps up and down telling me not to use the post office and only use PP. And same again, I take no notice. I told PP nothing will change, we will carry on as before like it or not.”

He also says that he doesn’t know anyone around his neck of the woods who will want to take on the service and knows of two stores getting rid of PP.

But he has now been offered a new contract by email, allowing him to have Paystation and PP by the till point - which is why he says: “John has to stick to his guns.”