Two issues back I featured the story about Tasnim Aslam’s slump in sales from her pay-to-use ATM, a drop-off that began when the store over the road started offering free-to-use cash withdrawals.

Then, in the last issue, I reported advice from other retailers on what she should do, which can be summed up in two words: negotiate hard.

Now for her third mention in this column. Tasnim writes: “Thanks for your feedback. I have managed to negotiate with Bank Machine for free cash withdrawal with 3p commission per transaction. I was pushing them to pay me a small rent on top of that, and they have promised that, if the cash point does about 5,000 transactions per month for a period of six months, then they will pay me rent, but they have not decided how much the rent would be depending on how well it does. So wish me luck.”

Altogether now: hip-hip hooray, and every good luck to Tasnim.