Calling all Sherlocks. Regular correspondent Subhash Varambhia, who runs Snutch News in Leicester, emailed a curious tale of two young men coming into his store and buying Vodafone and EE network SIM cards (30 at £1 each), leaving him just one of each for display purposes.

Being the curious type Subhash queried this with his supplier, Core Communications Retail, and was told that several stores have similarly been cleared out in the city.

I rang Leicester Police press office to see if there had been wind of scams, but since no crime had been committed they couldn’t comment. She said: “It wasn’t a criminal offence. They could’ve bought 30 boxes of Smarties. What they do with them afterwards might be an offence…” Fair enough.

I asked Core Communications as well, but they never got back to me.

So, how about the rest of you? Is this Leicester only? Any possible explanation? I’m thinking amateur crookery.