Tobacco will be in the news again next month when new minimum pack sizes come into play - and soon afterwards it will be plain packaging’s chance on stage (albeit ‘play’ and ‘on stage’ are possibly very poor descriptive choices). So, how to display these non-shows?

Jimmy Patel (featured previously in C-Store for his on-going battle with Cashzone over business rates for his ATM: they are currently threatening to sue him) happened to mention that he was trialling two ideas for cig displays. Readers with Mastermind memories will remember that Jimmy has two stores opposite each other in Northampton (Jimmy’s Store and Kingsthorpe Stores).

He is removing both gantries and trying out two ideas. One will have an autofeed automatic dispenser and, with the other, he is working with Diageo to develop a unit that displays spirits above with drawers underneath for the cigs. It should make for an interesting progress report.