Here are a couple of updates for you on some long-running sagas. First, the case against the retailer charged with selling counterfeit vodka last October has been adjourned three times so far. It has hung over his head like the proverbial sword for nearly nine months.
I reckon Trading Standards hasn't enough to go on. All along, the retailer - whose name I have kept out of it - has protested his innocence and suffered a lot of stress. And now his local paper has printed the bald facts, that he is accused of selling counterfeit vodka, along with his full name and store details. That's done him a power of good.
On a brighter note, my Bedford retailers have beaten the local council over their shiny new shutters. A somewhat stringent council had wanted the new £10,000 security shutters removed because they went against Bedford's latest preferred style of see-through only. Surinder Rai, his father Piara Lal and their chartered surveyor, managed to overturn this daft new blanket policy to gain retrospective planning permission judged on the merit of the case.