Some things don’t change (number one). Sigh. Last June I aired Haren Bhatt’s grievance with News UK. He was being haunted by a ‘ghost service’ in that News UK was charging him for Sunday deliveries. Haren was selling papers outside Highbury & Islington tube station in north London, so little point in Sunday trading.

With perfect incompetence his supplier is still charging him for Sunday deliveries. Not only that, adds Haren, they’ve moved up a step by wiping out his Saturday Suns. “It shows that a leopard cannot change its spots,” says Haren.

Some things don’t change (number two). Last July I reported that Kirit Ved (Ved News, Stoke Newington, East London) was ticked off with News UK over keys to his tote box. A couple of years earlier, he had, as requested, got two keys cut for News UK. He never got paid for them, although this had been promised.

Then he got a letter telling him it was urgent he get two keys cut or his security would be compromised. At the time, I rang the call centre on his behalf and got nowhere. He got a second set cut and sent them recorded delivery.

Now he’s had, guess what? A call saying one is lost and they need another set. It’s always a set. What are they doing? Eating them?

Kirit tried giving them permission to get as many as they like cut, but they said ‘We’re not in the key-cutting business’. And Kirit is?