Do you trade in Nottingham? More specifically, do you trade in the Hucknall area that already has a tram service? If so, did the laying of the tracks and general disruption affect you? Did it bring in more custom?

Mark Wilson would like to know. He trades in Clifton where the tram service is currently being extended. He has a forecourt outside his shop that belongs to the council and when he rang all the roads leading to it (Fryers Food Store) were closed because Severn Trent had to re-route the water main. There is access of sorts, for pedestrians, but “it’s like a barricade has been erected,” says Mark.

There are other negatives. Some of the residents feel this is a vanity project vamped up by the local government. Tesco, naturally, has bought a site next door to the terminus.

Compensation for waterworks does exist, but it varies according to utility company, and there is a reduction in rates for businesses hit in such a fashion.

But a bit of feedback from those who’ve been there and done that would be helpful.