I got a call from Scott Weston who runs Bakers News & Convenience in Co. Durham. He told me that he had signed up to become a Best-one store quite a few months ago.

The group runs a loyalty scheme on the ‘more you spend, the more you get back’ basis. He says: “We had to meet criteria to get the rewards. We hit all the targets, but the rep said ‘No, you haven’t got the fascia up’. But then they say they don’t like to put the fascia up straight away - they like to see some commitment first. We’d spent nearly £30K with Batleys and are entitled to £320 back.”

He also said he had been a loyal Batleys customer for 15 years and had never had any credit problems. “Those people at Bestway wouldn’t want to lose me to Booker,” he adds. “I spend a lot of money with them.”

He said that an area manager had come out to see him and said he should have been signed up and that he would see what he could do. But no one had been back in touch.

This didn’t stop Scott from persisting, which is just as well as I got no reply to either of the emails I sent to head office.

When I checked back with Scott, another rep was due to visit. Another week or so and a lady rep appeared. “She’s put everything right and back-dated the rewards.”

Apparently, it was something to do with the previous guy retiring so not being too fussed over sorting it.