I thought you might be interested in an update on Naresh Chadda’s moan in the last issue about his wholesaler’s continuing practice of increasing his order of two Irish dailies to his outlet, Cox’s Pond Stores, Hemel Hempstead.

I sent him to Dorothy King, administrator of the Press Distribution Forum and she sent me back a copy of its charter regarding order and supply management. Clause 4.2 states that if a retailer informs his wholesaler of his intended range, it should not be exceeded without prior agreement. If a wholesaler does intend to increase your supplies, you should get 48 hours notice to accept or reject it.

Naresh’s problem has been resolved, although he told Dorothy he remains sceptical of it remaining fixed.

She says: “There is a formal complaint process. The more official complaints received, the more the Press Distribution Review Panel can review the trends of complaints and the reoccurring offenders.”

So let her know.•