Within a day of each other I had questions from two retailers regarding PPL invoices.

Amit Patel wrote from Belvedere News Food & Wine suggesting that his business may be exempt. “The website states you need a licence if you play music, therefore I can’t see why I should pay for listening to LBC - we listen intermittently during the day, mainly for latest news, besides that we listen to religious discourses (which are of course immune to any charges).”

I have spoken to either PRS or PPL about this in the past and I’ve been told that news programmes do sometimes broadcast music.

This morning (November 27) The Today programme on Radio 4, known mainly for its politics coverage, had a slot on why British singers use American accents for songs. Lots of music ensued.

Meanwhile, Amit has written to the head of LBC to find out whether he is infringing copyright laws. I look forward to hearing the response.

And Anjid Malik offered a novel take on playing music in-store. He received an invoice for £279, backdated a year. “It was more like a fine you know, pay within a certain time. Just before Christmas, and we could use the money to buy stock. We’re paying under protest.”

He plays Classic Gold in his Gawsworth Stores, East Didsbury. People do listen and maybe they go off and buy the music themselves. “They should pay us for promoting it!”