Hitendra Patel, who runs a Costcutter in Harold Hill in Essex, has poo-pooed PayPoint’s claims in my last column of having negotiated special rates for agents banking with Barclays (15p per £100).
“I sat down with the Barclays manager for a couple of hours. He wanted to know every last detail about the business, including how many employees and their details, PAYE schemes, accountancy schemes, number of cheques and debits. It’s not an all-in price. And if you’re banking more than £1m then it doesn’t apply anyway. And you have to pay in sealed bags.”
Now Hitendra objects to the sealed bag route - he used to pay into Giro at his local post office and every week it was a fiver or a tenner down - never the other way around.
And another retailer, who wanted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, told me that, having noticed that his customers did their PayPoint transactions and then went over the road to a discounter for their shopping, he sometimes puts up a sign saying ‘PP out of order and won’t be working until after 6pm’. When the customers come back later to do their PayPoint transaction they buy extras as the discounter is closed by then.
I can’t recommend this as it is against the rules… but the rules are what the retailers are against. They don’t like dictators. I have to ask, who does?