Anand Patel got in touch from West Street News in Farnham, Surrey, tearing his hair out. He asked whether I had heard from any other retailers regarding what he called “absolutely ridiculous service” from PayPoint/CollectPlus. Soon after Christmas his regular collection for parcels stopped. “I have made so many phone calls to PayPoint and CollectPlus; this issue has not been dealt with!”

His regular driver delivers parcels, but was refusing to take any collections saying he wasn’t allowed to.

At one point Anand had almost 100 parcels clogging up his stock room. A customer had sold something on ebay and the parcel has been sitting in the shop for five days. He couldn’t do a refund or take the parcel back out of the system as it was too complicated. All he could do was dish out CollectPlus’ phone number to people so they could complain directly.

He also said that other retailers in his area were also complaining and he adds: “We are the face of CollectPlus and customers are having a go at us. It looks really bad and puts a dent in my customer services.”

He put all this to PayPoint as well as CollectPlus, but had been passed from pillar to post.

I also contacted PayPoint and got the following response: “New processes for parcel delivery and collection were implemented in January to ultimately provide better service to Mr Patel and other CollectPlus retailers in his area. As with any transition, there were regrettably a handful of instances where collections were delayed. These issues have now been resolved and a representative has visited Mr Patel to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

I checked back with Anand and he was indeed content now that both to-ing and fro-ing of parcels had recommenced.