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Manel Tailor rang just before the current one month (hopefully) lockdown came into force in England to say that he had two stores in Nottingham trading under a tier three curfew of 9pm. Did the new measures mean that he could now sell alcohol up till his closing time of 11pm from 5 November? He had been trying to get in touch with the local licensing department but there was no answer – just a message saying that you can leave a message but we may not get back to you due to Covid.

The did say: “…the national restrictions replace the local restrictions in your area.”

We eventually found (almost at the eleventh hour) confirmation that Manel could indeed now sell alcohol until his closing time at his Londis and his independent Best Choice. And Manel himself pitched up a piece from the Nottingham Post that said: “This means the 9pm alcohol ban, imposed specifically on the county to try and combat house parties, will no longer be in effect when the country is placed into national lockdown.”

The government will decide at the end of the lockdown whether Nottinghamshire will return to tier three.

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Update 27 November 2020

No more curfew for Nottingham

 The big news for Nottinghamshire retailers is that the 9pm curfew imposed on alcohol sales during its last tier three restrictions will not happen again this time around.

Manel Tailor, who runs both a Londis and an independent Best Choice in Nottingham, had been previously relieved to find that, under the month long national lockdown imposed on the whole of England during November, it meant he could go back to selling alcohol up until his usual 11pm closing time.

He wondered if the county’s return to the highest tier meant that he was back to the old/new rules but the BBC reported: “Unlike last time, when the county agreed additional restrictions, tier rules will be the same across England. The council said they understood this means measures such as the 21:00 alcohol sale curfew have been dropped.”

The other bit of good news for Nottinghamshire is that their infection rates have also dropped.