Summer's coming, which means that the peak time for ordering new freezers and complaints to this helpline when things go wrong are also rapidly approaching.
Convenience retailing these days requires more refrigeration in the same sort of space. The result, Uno Refrigeration tells me, is often a compromise. Uno has sent me some fairly lengthy but useful advice after I chased a deal that had gone badly wrong in the case of one of its customers but which, in the event, seemed to have been unavoidable.
With remote refrigeration in particular, remember that the plant's external location requires either planning and/or a landlord's permission - and it's often overlooked. And this, by the way, is the responsibility of the retailer.
When working out the overheads, bear in mind the length of the 'pipe run', which is the distance between the case and the motor. Unit cages or purpose-built housing may be required for safety, security and noise reduction. And, unfortunately, you cannot house the motors in sheds, garages or stock rooms without investing in expensive ventilation systems. Plant generates shed-loads of heat. Remember, too, that it needs to be easily accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
You can't switch all your refrigeration off at night and noise can travel through a building frame, resulting in vibration (which is when the neighbours complain). The quieter the plant, the more expensive it will be. Uno says you really do get what you pay for on this one.
This brings me to another story which relates to the above. Ashvin Nayee, who runs Ashvin's News & Post Office at Hatfield in Hertfordshire, bought a soft drinks cooler from Husky which is proving difficult to live with - at least for the people in the flat upstairs.
"It's noisy," says Ashvin, "even customers are complaining."
Husky has sent the engineers out a couple of times, but the problem remains an itch that cannot be scratched. The service department bloke told me: "The noise depends on the surroundings, on which surface it's been put on. If you put a blender on a biscuit tin it will resonate differently from how it would on a wooden surface."
Ashvin isn't buying that. He says he has had a fridge in the same place for years, with the same underlay and the same ceiling.
I hope they are still in dialogue.