Not a new fax machine, but a new phone number for it, which is why I am drawing your attention to it. Not everyone likes the sometimes faffing about you have to do to scan in documents. The fax may be going out of fashion but it can be quick and handy, right there in your shop.

In July I changed to a Virgin package and only found out a month later when a retailer alerted me that my fax number wasn’t working. So, a call to Virgin only to discover that the fax number had been changed. When we asked for it to be switched back to the old number the response was ‘sure thing, no problem, but it will take up to five working days’.

Apologies to anyone who tried to fax during this period and during the ensuing month.

A few more weeks went by and it still hadn’t been changed and it became urgent when I really needed to see another retailer’s documents. So we made another call (not easy as you know). This time they said, we can see it was supposed to be changed - it’s all over your notes but various supervisors have said you can’t have the same number back. Fine, what’s the new number? (And thanks for letting us know.) It is now 0208 220 1904. It’s actually much easier than the last one.