I can’t count the number of times I’ve been contacted by Alvin Wilkinson, Countdown Stores in Hornsea, Yorkshire, East Riding, over his outside display of fruit, veg and flowers. By last April we both thought it was all over. The bloke from the council who had been berating him over his colourful displays had left and the nagging had stopped. And outside displays were springing up all over Alvin’s neighbouring businesses. But now it has started again. Although, as usual, it is only Alvin getting the council complaints (said to be ‘responding to a local complaint’).

Now he’s had a registered letter telling him that he has to remove the display by November 7 or it will be taken to landfill, with Alvin getting the bill.

Alvin, though, has got a bit entrepreneurial. He found out that the council has no jurisdiction over his shopfront and so he is going all ‘you raise me up’ over this. He will “take it off the floor” and suspend the shelves from hooks on the window frame. I suggested some baskets of trailing plants, ivy and so on, on the top shelf. Should look a treat.