If you see dodgy dealings involving smuggled cigs or contraband booze there are numbers you can ring anonymously. But what if it is a breach of employment rules?

I’m keeping the retailer who emailed me anonymous because I wouldn’t want to cause bad blood between him and a new shopkeeper who was not paying the National Living Wage, apparently just paying cash in hand.

I wasn’t sure whether to recommend HMRC or Acas so rang the Employers Direct helpline, who recommended Acas. I checked back to see if it had been helpful. He said he didn’t get anywhere, and added: “So no one checks on the living wage.”

I think Acas couldn’t act because it was a third party pointing the finger. If the ‘employee’ had rung they would certainly have acted. I have no idea whether HMRC will do anything about it either, although they are losing out on tax.

Anyone with any intelligence on this?