Congratulations! You have sold a winning National Lottery ticket!

That would be a good letter to receive from Camelot, wouldn’t it? Obviously, second best after winning the lottery yourself, but nonetheless very good for business, especially if they let you publicise it.

This became a reality for Asif and Kashif Mahmood, two brothers who run a Spar store in Oakley in Dunfermline. The letter, whose opening line I quoted at the top of this piece, went on to inform the pair that there would be no exact details of the prize paid out as the winners had opted for ‘no publicity’, but the brothers worked out that, woo, it was seven figures as it was a winning Jackpot.

Oakley, being a wee village, is rife with rumours about just who the two winners are, but the win was, says Camelot, about six months agoit gives the lucky punters a few months to adjust to their new-found wealth before letting the retailers put up a few clues that they were involved (to do so sooner would allow those overpaid tabloid journos yes, I hate them too to track down winners paparazzi-style, and hound them to death).

Camelot has now sent the Mahmoods A4 and A3 posters to put up saying that theirs is a lucky store that has sold a Jackpot ticket. The local paper is coming to interview them, sales are expected to increase and they wanted to share their good fortune with Convenience Store readers.

They have run the lottery in the village since its launch in November 1994. “We used to be the only one in the village,” says Kashif, “now there are two others, but we still have the lion’s share.”

They seem a lucky pair. In the last two years they had a couple of scratchcard wins of £2K and £4K and a couple of weeks before their seven-figure biggie, a customer won £45K on Euromillions.

If they were a bit closer, I’d certainly shop there.