Narinda Singh rang from PK General Stores in Handsworth, Birmingham, to say that he had had Payzone for the past nine to 10 years. He sold the shop a few weeks earlier to an investment company.

He didn’t know what their redevelopment plans were. He was in the process of emptying the store, but when he rang PZ to ask them to take the machine away he was told that, as it was a new machine, provided via the post a couple of years ago, there would be a penalty of something like £1,100.

He says he has never had a contract and he didn’t sign anything for the new machine.

I asked PZ about it and they were very clear.

A spokesperson responded: “All Payzone Bill Payment customers were communicated to via a letter about the new tablet, associated costs and T&Cs. Narinda Singh from PK General Stores was sent the letter on 24 October 2017.

“They were given three clear options. Option 1: Do nothing. In this case, the new T&Cs will take effect on receipt of your new tablet or 28 days from the date of this letter (whichever is the later), for a new three-year term. We did not receive a response from Narinda Singh from PK General Stores and therefore the customer went into option 1 effective from 21 November 2017.”

There isn’t room to print the other options available, but suffice to say they didn’t apply in this case anyway.