I don't get better responses than this one.

High-profile retailer Jonathan James, who has several stores and forecourt sites in Cambridgeshire, has responded to my column in the last issue where I reported that Ash Chauan lost £12,000 after robbers hid on the roof, cutting the BT wires to his Redcare monitoring centre and then cutting a hole through the ceiling after Ash went home still waiting to hear from BT engineers. His insurance company doesn't want to compensate.

"As you will recall," says Jonathan, "I had a similar problem at Ely, but I did such a good job of 'kicking off' that the alarm company and insurance company backed off and paid up (£14,000 in all).

"I think the Redcare contract is a red herring for Ash and a means of getting out of it for the insurance company. If the alarm was tampered with then that's good enough for a payout. His insurance company should go after Redcare for compensation. In good faith, Ash waited only believing there was a fault on the line. Redcare services are now also backed up by GSM (mobile phone) technology to help override this type of situation.

"The Redcare system should have picked up that the line had actually been cut. I have Redcare at home and when a BT engineer cut through my cable, two police cars arrived in 10 minutes!

"Please pass on my advice to Ash. It makes me angry to hear that someone, in good faith, has paid their insurance and carried out the correct procedure, but that doesn't count when it comes to a claim. Ash was burgled to the tune of £12,000 and he shouldn't be picking up the bill for that."