Kamlesh Patel from Fulford Road PO and KP Newsagents, Hartcliffe, Bristol, says he used to regularly get £16 reward vouchers from Mars for following a planogram, but lately it had halved (and that was after he negotiated it up from £6 to £8). The rep apparently informed him that sugar items were no longer counted.

I sent this on to Mars and got a pretty lengthy response regarding its new 'Total Store Approach'. This essentially amounts to retailers tailoring their range through both main display and secondary sites to their own shopper profile, which will vary based on their location and store size. "Mars sales representatives will also be advising retailers which equipment and POS is available to them and how this can be implemented to maximise return," says the company.

It adds: "Through Mars' new modified scheme, retailers will continue to earn similar levels of rewards as before, but will also have the opportunity to earn even more depending on their level of participation: the more a retailer implements, the higher the reward. This is very much a 'more for more' initiative which not only allows retailers to accumulate rewards, but also benefit from increased confectionery sales."

There followed a number of testimonials from retailers who do indeed seem to have upped their rewards.

As for Kamlesh, a rep has now visited. "The visit went well and several secondary sites were installed, such as the Bambino Unit which can be ideally placed at the till point a high footfall area, vital for retailers to exploit," says Mars.

Bitesize dividers were also ordered for him along with a Galaxy stacker.

Kamlesh has fed back to me that he was delighted with the results.