I keep a one-line, cross-reference log book on this job so that I can see at a glance just who rang and when and what the subject matter was. I get no pleasure in telling you that I have had 96 calls from retailers since last summer complaining about photocopy company Lanwall Systems.

Some are owed rebates, others need engineers to fix machines that are not working. And they are forking out regularly for leasing arrangements that caught them unawares.

I am aware that there have been meetings taking place between Bank of Scotland, CF Asset and the National Federation of Retail Newsagents. I recently contacted BoS to ask for an update and spokesman Ross Keany, group communications, replied: "I understand that we are looking into some kind of solution for retailers which may involve recommending an alternative supplier. However, I don't have any more detail than that. When I hear more I will let you know."