Now, I don’t want to knock Lucozade. Crikey, it’s an institution. Falls into that ‘trusted brand’ category like Marmite or Persil. Our sister paper The Grocer recently launched its ‘Bring back a brand’ campaign (I’m always tempted to think of Camp Coffee, but in fact it’s never gone away. Do you stock the stuff?).

The theory in reviving the likes of Arctic Roll is that the present is pretty horrible, so nostalgia is the answer. I also think that the Germans have a handy term for another reason why the Bovrils and Colmans of this world succeed. They call it die Qual der Wahl - the torture of choice. Stick with the tried and trusted and never mind the new brand spin-offs that whizz by every second and, anyway, where would you put it all? Your shelves certainly aren’t elastic.

So, back to Lucozade, and sorry about the diversion, but it was a bit interesting, no?

Ajay Parekh had some free Lucozade-badged chillers that kept going wrong. He said even the engineer now moaned about having to attend so often.

I suspected the company would only need a nudge it was just a matter of getting through to the right person. It often happens when the brand strays outside what it does best and goes into equipment or whatever. Anyway, Ajay now has two new chillers and is all chilled out.•