This may sound a small point, but Harshik Patel took exception to the response he had received from Smiths News to his stage 2 complaint. I don’t know what the response was because that was ‘on an enclosed form’ which Harshik did not send me. So I puzzled over it for a while then wrote back to Harshik asking him whether I was thick because I couldn’t work out the outcome from the letter.

No, he said: “It isn’t signed.”

No it wasn’t. It started with a Dear Mr Patel and ended with a Yours sincerely, but no name. Standards you see. Harshik has standards.

Umesh Patel also has concerns with standards. He wonders if anybody else has problems with News UK regarding returns. He says he returns the correct amount of newspapers but he gets given one less credit, four times a week.

He adds: “When you phone for four newspaper credits for four different days, they refuse to credit you unless you send proof you sent the quantity you are claiming. How do you get the proof?”

Mohammad Aslam has issues with Menzies’ delivery times. He opens his Usave store in Milton, Glasgow, at 6.30am and needs the papers by 6am. Instead they arrive at 7.30-7.45am and it happens every week. Slipping standards.

I have handed Umesh and Mohammad’s situations over to Dorothy King from the Press Distribution Forum who will guide them through the official complaints process.

Meanwhile, anybody else?