Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. is launching three of its most popular beers in cans.

Tiny Rebel selected three beers with the punchy and complex flavours that suit this packaging format- Cwtch, American Pale Ale Cali and tropical IPA Clwb Tropicana.

The launch comes as a result of the recent £2.6M expansion of the business. Additional space at the new brewery site has made it possible to install a canning line as well as increase capacity more than five-fold to 5 million litres annually.

Brad Cummings, co-founder of Tiny Rebel, said: “We’ve wanted to start canning our beers for some time. Can technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last ten years, making it a great option for some styles to be enjoyed by discerning consumers just how we intended.

“They also offer fantastic scope for design. We have always had a very striking visual style, and the cans allow us to create eye-catching packaging that will draw the attention of consumers.”

The cans are available now online.