Spar has adopted the language of locals for use on its wine labels to make wine speak more accessible to customers.

The idea came after research showed 64% of customers thought the language used on wine bottle labels is too complex and confusing.

The new labelling initiative uses local dialects as the language for wine bottles, for example a label that originally read “A truly great Merlot which is ablaze with succulent blackcurrants and blueberries” has been translated into Geordie as: Geordie translation: “A canny Merlot ableeze wi succulent blackcurrants an blueberries”.

A similar translation changes “This isn’t a wine for the faint hearted” to “This ain ne blash”.

Laura Jewell, Spar’s Wine Controller, said the retailer intends to use “real words that our customers use when they talk about a great glass of wine.

“We take our quality and value very seriously, but also believe wine drinking should represent a more fun experience”. She added that the feedback from customers has been very positive.