The new Live Strawberry and Lime fusion is packaged in a 1.5L pouch format.

The pouch (rrp £7.49) will keep the fruit fusion fresh for four weeks once opened. The packaging is light and easy to dispense making it an ideal purchase for outdoor entertaining – such as BBQs, picnics, camping or festivals.

The delicate Strawberry and Lime fruit fusion can be served chilled, over ice or made into a cocktail with sparkling wine and soda water.

Jo Taylorson, marketing controller at Kingsland Drinks Ltd, says: “In response to our WinePRO research, we wanted to create a range of wines and fruit fusion drinks that engaged with and understood the motivations of the ‘beginners’, and ‘millennial’ consumers.

Our Live Strawberry and Lime fusion has a lower abv than standard wine at 9% and has a sweeter taste profile, so is perfect for this audience.”